The page with lots of pictures… about me & friends.

A quick summary…Hello, I’m Tom! I’m currently 24 years old, scruffy…. I go to AACC (Anne Arundel Community College). I drive an 85′ Shelby Charger, which is currently being modified *grin*. Now I drive a 2001 Dodge Dakota.

I have been working at JHU for over a year now.

new year’s day when I met her. What a great year it’s turning out to be! 🙂
This is me on July 13th, 2002 in northern PA.
It’s me again… That is John on the right (LJ). He probably thinks I’m a weirdo! Picture taken in late 2000 / early 2001. Yes I know my basement is messy!
A picture of me and my AT-85. It runs off HPA and shoots about 12 paintballs a second. It’s 1 of my 13 paintball guns. If you ever want to hook up for a paintball game, email me! Picture taken Nov. 16, 2002.Check out my paintball fun picture page

Check out my Paintball page


This is me working on my Shelby Charger on 8/7/02. Yes, the motor is finally out!! Word…
Me and my mom. I got that serious look on my face… Picture taken Sept. 24, 2002.
Yes I was drinking… Picture taken a Friday’s on Sept. 14, 2002.
There is our family’s insane cat at christmas… You don’t wanna hold this cat!
HA-HA! This is my friend Al Washington… BALLZ!
Al Washington playing Rugby. Super Choke Hold!
Al running over some white boy…
Al sky diving.
My friend Chris with his 90′ Daytona.
My friend WHO I WORK WITH* Jim Galvin playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein.*Note: Was – “My friend and “co-worker” … But Melissa was teasing me saying to should be MY FRIEND WHO I WORK WITH. Just fyi. 🙂
My friend Kay. Jim Galvin’s girlfriend.
Me and my friend Chris from PA. (Chrispy) Picture taken at the world’s biggest general store on Nov. 10, 2002
Al and Jim. I forgot what they were talking about but it must have been interesting.
My brother John.
What a gang… Picture taken Nov. 9, 2002 in PA.
Me and my friend Alicen. I’m trying to prevent (prevent, yeah right!) her from poking my fat roll! Picture taken Oct. 18, 2002.
Severn River Rugby website.
Stuff I have forsale on eBay (hardly ever)
Mario Twins music video! Watch this one, it’s funny! *FLASH*
The Weeeeeee song…. Kinda dumb *FLASH*
The best song/video ever! SCHOOLBUS! *FLASH*
Right and wrong ways to drive. *FLASH*
Anakin Skywalker explaining why the Darkside is better. (Apple computer type commercial) *FLASH*
Terminator 3 movie trailer!
Al’s live journal at
Check out, I love this site!

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