Hi all, I’m John, Owner and website designer of PLANETB.NET . Most of these pictures are pertty old, I have started to add some new pictures from trips I have been on.. Most of these pictures are from back in the days (1994 – 97 ). Most of my time is spend working around our house that we bought on April 15th 2003 (Pics of house) or working on my Shelby Lancer (Shelby Lancer #382). I also enjoy spending my as much time as I can with my Monique.

I am on AOL AIM about 99% of the day . Most of the time I’m idle, But if you like, Chat with me. My screen name is LightJumpe

I also am on ICQ , My ICQ # is 91081840

I can also be found in EFnet IRC in #shelby or #wwiv most of the time. I go by LJ_ or LJ007 on irc.

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lj The above picture is of me upfront of my house (Town home) back in 1995. 2 car’s behind me are my old 1980 and 81 Ford Fairmont station wagon. It was the a great party wagon, But they had to go!
grooj From Left to Right : LJ (Me) & Groo (My brother Tom)

Me. Picture from NYC on June 30, 2002

Picture was taken right off Broadway at the memorial of Engine 54, Ladder4, Battalion 9 that gave there life’s on Sept 11, 2001



My girlfrlend Monique and myself. Oct 6 2002