Shelby Lancer #382


Front of Shelby Lancer #382



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This is Shelby Lancer #382 (of 800 made). This car was displayed in the “ Shelby-Cobra, Mustang & Dodge” paper back book a  couple years ago. The first picture is from the book and the second picture was taken around the same time.

Since I bought the car from the original owner in 1999, I’ve done a lot of work to it. From a new head gasket and all turbo coolant/oil lines to new tires. Recently I added New shocks to the rear of the car. Bought 2 Koni’s and this improved the ride a lot. The Car still had its original Formula GP’s on the rear with 170k miles on them. Soon I will start to rebuild the front end of the car. Koni’s on the front , New bushing , Axles, Bearings, Power steering rack and 5sp tranny/Clutch. The Car is currently running 15psi of boost. I had been running it up to 19psi with a bad spike after installing a Mopar Stage II CPU into the car.

     Current Status :  Car currently almost stripped down to the shell. Engine bay has been repainted. Currently waiting for warmer weather and free time to start stripping the paint off the shell for repaint. Motor returned from the machine shop a couple years ago and is currently stored waiting for the shell to be ready.


  Current upgrades :

    Upgrades :

  • Cone filter on Turbo

  • Bov

  • Smooth IC hose



More pictures of the car can be found here

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DV-SDAC of Shelby Lancer #382

DV-SDAC of Shelby Lancer #382

DV-SDAC of Shelby Lancer #382

DV-SDAC of Shelby Lancer #382