Shelby Dodge Videos

Gary D K-Car Video
K-Car Vs GTC
K-Car beats a fast Vette (10.66 1/4 run)

Dan Carson Video

Mark Palleschi GLHS Video
Mark doing a Burn out
Mark vs Camaro
Mark vs Duster
John’s GLH-T vs mustang (A friend of Mark)
Mark doing a burn out in WinStar
Wesel doing a burnout on a Quad
Dean in Blue doing burn out
Mark in WinStar vs Mustang
Gary M blowing up (Note The Bar Leak ad, Umm)

Dean’s 11 sec Rampage Video
Dean doing a Burn out

All Movies have been moved to a faster server. I have over 200+meg’s in car and racing video’s online or about to go online.

Misc Movies of Car’s
Import Movies