Shelby Charger



The Plaque is from the 1998 Cecil Drag race & Car show on Oct 17th. Our Shelby Charger came in 1st place in the Shelby Charger class in the car show. Thanks to everyone for voting for our car and making our first event something we will not forget. Cecil Pictures are here






The Charger’s list of events

10/5/97: I purchased this car from a lady that lives in Columbia MD for $1000. She took pretty good care of the car. She purchased this car brand new in 6/19/85 from Tate Dodge Inc. Glen Burnie MD.10/8/97: Replaced tie rod end, CV Axle, and front tires for state inspection.

12/8/97: Headgasket blew while playing with a Corvette.

12/15/97: Headgasket replaced. Paid about $220 for it. Here’s a picture of the old headgasket


1/5/98: Went to the emissions station today. It passed with flying colors.

12/10/98 : Wow, almost went a whole year without any problems. Injector #3 decided to blow out on us, I ran up to the dealer to get a set of 803 injectors and they wanted $189 for a set!!, I Gave Mike a call at Forward Motion and he had the same set for $120! That’s a big savings, He shipped them right out and they were at my house by Friday! Just in time for the weekend. (Got them in 2 days)


1/16/99 : We replaced 98% of the cooling system, Will be replacing water pump soon as its leaking. I got heat now!

1/17/99 : Hell, why wait? We replaced the water pump the next day.2/10/99 : We ordered front Rotors and Pads From Matt Green, They are KVR pads and rotors. We ordered the black plated gas slotted rotors.

2/17/99 : We installed the new rotors and pads. The car stops real good now. After bedding the brakes. We took it for a speed run. Hit them pretty hard at 85mph and they slowed the car down real nice. Will need to rebleed them when it gets a little warmer outside.

4/01/99: Had the tranny rebuilt and new clutch. All new gears and everything. It kept grinding everytime I went into 2nd gear and I was getting mad! Paid $1410.67 for this. I was wanted it done badly. It really shifts nice now!

4/20/99: Installed an Air/Fuel and boost gauge on an A pillar pod. Looks pretty cool!

5/8/99 : We did a compression check today. The numbers turned out real good : #1 164 #2 160 #3 160 #4 164 The reason for the check is that I have picked up smoke cloud, I’m looking at it was a fuel problem or maybe the turbo is going out.

10/9/99: Turbo and headgasket decided to blow last month. Fuel regulator wasn’t working properly either. I Purchased the turbo from TurboCity for $400. Since then I had a few problems with the turbo. One problem was the wastegate was not opening. That was replace with my old unit. Second problem is that it made a weird noise. I have no idea what that noise could have been. We attempted to put a FM 475 cam in the Charger. The car would hardly run with it. So we put the old cam back in.

11/30/99: New clutch cable was put in. Old one was shredding. Clutch disengages smoothly now.


7/9/00: Installed Autocross springs and KYB struts. The rides seems alot smoother.

8/11/00: Installed a Walbro 190l/h pump. It wasn’t too hard. The old pump was making a terrible noise.

10/1/00: Broke a CV axle and shift linkage (Why the hell do 2 things break at once?) Called FM for a linkage and got an N/A unequal length axle from TrakAuto. I don’t see any torque steer problems!

10/21/00: Did a T2 conversion. Thanks to Neil Emiro for an awesome wiring job and drilling through my harness! (j/k Neil) Also thanks to Jim and Fred for helping, supplying tools, supplying moral support, etc. 🙂


2001What surprises will it bring me this year?

1/25/01: My car passed emissions! How did that happen?!?!

4/17/01: a HOUSE KEY went into my tire causing it to go flat… That was strange.

4/21/01:Had my new 2 1/2″ JRB exhaust installed w/ a Dynomax 3-way cat, and Bullet muffler. Power gain notice is at the top end and its loud. 🙂 Total cost: $344.97 Here is some pictures.


4/28/01: Cleaned up my engine bay a little. Shorted vacuum lines, added some tubing over the wires, etc. Looks alot better now (messy wiring: top right 1 picture down)

5/5/01: Installed a Daytona radiator fan. I’m not sure if it put more air in or what but that thing is alot more quiet! (Can’t ever hear it due to my loud 2 1/2″ exhaust!) Gonna order a perma cool fan sometime next week — Daytona intercooler soon.

5/18/01: Installed the Daytona intercooler. Requires lots of Jerry Rigin’! check out the pictures of installation. A Special thanks to Jim and John for doing a great job to the project!

5/23/01: Noticed a problem with the fan. It comes a little too close to the bottom radiator hose and started hitting the metal “hose hanger”. If you were to buy one, get a shielded fan. BTW, I love the power difference with this intercooler! I made a little page on installing a Daytona intercooler/radiator in an ‘L’

11/10/01: Installed a roller cam, lifters, roller rockers from a 89+ Shadow N/A because I was hearing a bad lifter tap. The original cam broke while taking it out so I guess it was time to change that anyways. The Charger now made shit lots of power when I went for a test run…. I was amazed!

11/11/01: The car starts running like shit. I’ll wait until the weekend to find out why.

11/17/01: I found out that the roller rocker fell off. WTF is this shit?! I put it back on and went for a ride. I stopped the charger in a neighborhood to see if everything is all good. Then, I started to go and it started to run like shit AND then stalled. I could not start it again.Later that night my brother and I towed it home with a Dakota and rope. When I got back to my house the car was smoking from the transmission… F ……… !(guess the word).It almost made it the whole year. I think this coming spring will be a whole new Charger. I have a 89+ 2.2 T2 (I hope) crate motor in storage that I got a good deal on. $750! I need to find what transmission to use. 413 auto or 555/568/523 5 spd? Clutch assembly?I hate decisions…I guess I can start striping it apart during the winter if I feel like getting off my ass. bah


The Resurrection

8/07/02:  Removed the engine and trans. During the past year I have purchased a A555 transmission, aluminum flywheel, T2 clutch disk and T3 clutch pressure plate, poly. suspension kit, new motor mounts, and shifter with shifter cables.

10/26/02:  Removed K frame, installed new Energy suspension bushings and ball joints.

12/21/02:I removed the whole dash with the help of my brother. (Carpet was removed a few weeks ago). There is some is coming from the air intake for the A/C system. It seems like the water has nowhere to go… Time from some plumbing. I’ve discovered a lot of rust around the floor pans where they were sealed with “bondo” from the factory. I need to get a welder! In the mean time, I’m installing my shadow shifter and shifter cables, and a new heater core.

Engine: Stock 89′ 2.2 T2
Head: Stock 89′ T2 782 casting
Trans: Stock A555 rebuilt: Cliff R.
Turbo: T03 T2, ported 2 1/4″ SV
Intake: T2 1-piece w/52mm TB
Exhaust: 2 1/2″, mild ported manifold
Intercooler:Daytona T2Boost Control:
g-valve, 15 psi boostCam:
Stock T2 roller cam