Installing Intercooler in a 1985 Shelby Charger (L Body)

My L is converted to blow-through, now how the
hell do I install a cooler without spending a fortune?How to install a Daytona Intercooler (Or some other body)Parts needed:

  1. Daytona Intercooler/radiator  $150
  2. T2 Daytona Radiator Hose (t)$15
  3. T2 Daytona Radiator Hose (b)$15
  4. Bottom T2 Intercooler Hose $80 for everything
  5. Cone Filter or mod air box $0 – $90
  6. Piece of sheet metal (see radiator brace picture) $??
  7. A compact fan (14″ Perma Cool, one that is shielded!) $90
  8. Tie wraps $5
  9. 2′ of 2 1/4″ truck radiator hose or use top Daytona
    intercooler hose. $20
  10. Consider getting a GLHS oil filter $7
Mr. Galvin thinking of a game play…
Daytona Intercooler/Radiator Assembly
1. First remove old radiator, battery, coolant
can?,  and condenser (I have no AC, if you have AC and you want to
keep it, this might be a problem).2. Test fit the assembly to “get an idea” how its gotta go in
(do this several times during installation).

3. Bend the bottom part of the radiator alittle. It seems to fit
better. This might not be needed. (step 2)

4. Mounting the radjator/intercooler assembly. Some people say to remove the
radiator bracket (bottom, passenger side).


we ended up with this after 30 mins of beating and cutting.  It was
doing too much damage so we scrapped this idea and came up with making a
cheap brace to go across to the radiator mount.

Word up, Jim

(Picture on top) brace installed. its the ugly silver thing by the drain…

5. Drill a new hole for the top bracket. You will also need to grind
the bottom of the bracket so if fits right.

6. Put fan on radiator. (You probably wanna do this outside of the
engine bay, then drop the rad/intercooler in.)

7. Install radiator hoses. The bottom hose is a tight squeeze… The
top hose fits perfectly.

Remember, put the coolant can back in before you tighten those
top bracket bots.

8. Install intercooler hoses. We are using a truck 2 1/4 radiator hose
for the top and a bottom daytona hose.

You will have to cut about 1/2 inch off each side of the daytona
intercooler hose.

9. Air filter. I bought a Honda kit for $90 bucks at
a local speed shop. (yeah, I know I can get a cone for 1/2 the
price). I wanted to drive the car really bad! 🙂 Who knows, maybe I
can sell it later on eBay to some Honda boy for more money?
10. Welp, thats pretty much it. You just need to
solder the fan wires, tie wrap the bottom rad. hose so it doesn’t
hit the fan if you chose the one without the shielding (mine already
hit it).




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