John Card wrote:

> I saw on Gary’s site that he list that “ClutchNet” clutches have issues. Can

> anyone give a little detail on what “Issues” they have? If I was to use it,

> I’d use it on my SL with a 520 tranny.

Well I have not had any problems with their setup until recently, but other

people have mixed results. Their clutch disk is excellent, pressure plate is

what some people had problems with. Now let me explain what I mean. Clutchnet

offers a really heavy duty pressure plate made of 2 stiffened diaphragms. That

is the piece that I have and the one people had disengagement problems with.

I’ve had the unit for almost 2 years now and it’s by far the best clutch I’ve

ever had and it only cost me $286 shipped to my house with throwout bearing


Well, to my problem now: I have recently decided for mileage reason

to switch my A555 to an A520. In the process I decided to replace the factory

heavy duty throwout bearing that was now 2 years old with clutchnet’s still in

the box one. It looked to have a lot more plastic in it’s construction then the

factory one. Well not even 2 weeks later I started having problems with clutch

disengagement. It got so bad I had to shim the clutch cable just so I can

barely disengage the clutch. I swapped the tranny out for an automatic. I had

a hunch that it was something with either the cable or the throwout bearing.

The clutch cable was only a few months old so I decided to look closely at the

TOB and what do you know?! It looks like it’s squashed pretty bad, to the point

it was just doing nothing in there. I’m pretty sure that most of the problems

people had with that combination was due to the crappy TOB.

If anything you can always use the clutchnet’s disk with an R/T pressure plate.


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